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About Our Center

About Us

We believe children are gifts from God. All need to be nurtured and helped to develop to their highest potential. They are sent to us with some various differences but with some common qualities as well. Given the proper nutrition, mixed with love, devotion, and attention that are needed by all, children will progress. Not every child will progress at the same rate, but growth can and will happen. We, at Sunrise Learning Center want to see every child develop into a well rounded social, emotional, physical, and educated individual. We will strive to help your child to become a responsible contributing person within their environment and the world.

Our Approach

We use a theme based approach to preschool education called Frog Street Pre-K. Every child is involved in the basics of colors, shapes, letters, numbers, days, and months of the year throughout their day and throughout the themes. It is fine tuned to meet a child’s needs to learn and grow.

Additional Information

Our hours are 6 AM- 6 PM. We are on the CACFP Food Program and provide Breakfast, Lunch, & Afternoon Snack.

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